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June 2, 2010

Fiction – Working on Outline

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I have a good start on the outline for my 3rd novel.  Matt Rodd is very much in the traditional Private Eye mode.  I am having fun developing the story line and the characters.  I cannot wait to find out how the story goes.

Gaia’s Cards is still sitting on top of the bookcase.  A couple of times over the weekend I was tempted to pick it back up, but resisted the temptation.  In another week, I plan on working on the 3rd draft. 

This coming up Saturday, June 4, I will be speaking and having a book signing at the Safety Harbor Library.  30 authors have been invited to this event.  It is great of have the local library active in prompting new authors.

The Safety Harbor Public Library announces an Author Open House, on Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Meet over thirty Florida authors, including Anne W. Anderson, Charrie Hazard, Sandy Huff, Bill South and Tammar Stein. The event features author talks and signings throughout the day with books available… for purchase. For a complete list of authors and book talk schedule visit:

The event is free and is sponsored by the Safety Harbor Friends of the Library. For more information call, 724-1525 x112.
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Saturday at 11:30am
101 2nd Street N. Safety Harbor, FL 34695

May 24, 2010

Fiction – Trying to get Organized

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Good Morning,

I love writing fiction.  The whole story development and typing on the keyboard is a lot of fun, but make no mistake, it is a lot of work.  Last week, I finished the second draft of Gaia’s Cards.  The draft is sitting on top of some cabinets in my office.  I do not plan on picking it up again for a couple of weeks.

With this down time, I have started outlining another novel.  This next novel will begin another series about Matt Rodd, PI.  I’m getting to know Matt right now, and this series of novels will be different from the William and Mary series.

Also, I finally have a domain name,, pointing at this blog and linked to my website –  I am a Project Manager for my day job, but I still have to make myself sit down to do the admin and marketing stuff for the books.  I guess I am having so much fun writing I forget to take care of business.

Have a great day, Bill South

May 12, 2010

Fiction Novel -St. Petersburg Pier

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Good Morning,

I have been working on the final showdown in Gaia’s Cards.  The St. Petersburg Pier plays a very important role.  So far, the conflict is over, and the main characters are picking up the pieces.  Remember, this is the second draft, but I am hoping the structure and general content will remain the same.

This ending had many more characters involved in the show down than Flash Drive.  I am making myself write-through the story.  It has been tough to keep up with everybody, but I am pretty happy so far.

I already know the ending of the novel and cannot wait to see how the characters get there.

Have a great day, Bill South

May 5, 2010

Fiction Novel – Reading Fiction

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Good Morning,

While I am writing Gaia’s Cards, I am reading other authors, especially fiction authors.  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne is once again providing me with lots of enjoyment.  I also have several other books on the burner.  Reading these books helps to clear my mind and gives me a yard stick in which to measure my own work.

I would like to thank Amazon.Com for providing free downloads of many books and providing a free download of the Kindle software for my computer.  The use of this service has helped me tremendously.  It helps with the budget and has helped me to become more comfortable with soft copy books.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 28, 2010

Fiction Novel – Getting Ready

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Good Morning,

The witches are all getting ready for the final show down.  I know pretty much how I want it to go.  It will be interesting to see if it turns out like I think it will. 

The witches are women, so I am remembering routines women in my life have used to get ready for big events.  Hot bathes, shaving and other beautification procedures will have to be included.  May even have a scene on buying new clothes …. and, dare I even try, shoes.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 23, 2010

Fiction Novel – Chance Meeting

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Good Morning,

In Gaia’s Cards, I am describing a chance meeting between two people tracking the same person.  This is tough writing for me.  I need to make the scene believable because the two characters will be working together, but deceive each other as to why they are tracking the person.  Also, the two people doing the tracking and the person being tracked would be in the villan column.

Bad guys deceiving each other is tried and true, but the reader at least knows why they are deceiving each other.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 22, 2010

Fiction Novel – Feedback

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Good Morning,

I have received some great feedback in the last few days on Flash Drive, my first novel.  One of the best comments was a gentlemen who said it was a rainy when he read.  He told me reading it was great way to spend a wet Sunday.  Gotta, love it.

The end is nearing for the second draft of Gaia’s Cards.  I am setting up everything for the final dash to the end.   I write page-turners, and I have to give you a story to make you want to go to the next page.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 20, 2010

Fiction Novel – Betrayal

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Good Morning,

Betrayal of the ones you love is going to be the issue in the next chapters of Gaia’s Cards.  The question is does betraying a trust to save a person from harm really a betrayal.  Not sure what the answer is on that question, but I am about to explore it.

For instance, if a man sleeps with a woman in order to save his girl friend’s life, has he betrayed his girl friend?  The easy answer is “no”, but what if his girl friend does not believe her life was in danger.  It gets sticky real fast.

I am looking forward to the up coming twist and turns in Gaia’s Cards.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 19, 2010

Fiction Novel – Bondage

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Good Moring,

In Gaia’s Cards, one of the female characters has another female character chained to a bed.  While there are lots of sexual overtones, physical sexual abuse will not happen.  Writing about the mental abuse has been challenging.

Since I let the characters write the book, the bondage chapters have allowed me to look into the minds of the victim and perpetrator.  I am starting to understand how the victim can relate to perpetrator and even feel sadness for the perpetrator.

The act of writing helps me to better understand the world around me.

Have a great day, Bill South

April 15, 2010

Fiction Novel – New Idea

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Good Morning,

I made good progress yesterday on Gaia’s Cards.  Our hero, William, has been contacted by Lilith.  A place and time for a meeting has been set up.  Before the meeting, William has another character to meet, Levi Millstone.  They will not meet again until the end of the book, but Levi and William’s actions will set up the outcome of Gaia’s Cards.

For the past year, I been bouncing back and forth about another novel that is not in the William and Mary series.  It would be a commentary on the effects of  incompetence and irresponsible behavior on a community in Florida.  I started jotting down the ideas this morning.

Have a great day, Bill South

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